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Developed through innovation and collaboration with the auction community.

AuctionMaster is a complete auction management system consisting of numerous modules that can manage inventory, dealers and accounts, fees, sales, operations, arbitration, accounting and other functions.

With under a second in delivery times, high definition video and audio from auctions stream to mobile phones, computers, and tablets at unmatched quality, AWG Simulcast software creates a user experience feeling as if you are standing right in the auction.

The IAS Marketplace is an online platform where users can buy and sell vehicles. It consists of individual Marketplaces where users can bid or place offers on and purchase vehicles.

The CoRe App is a native iOS based app that allows CoRe App system users to decode VIN/VRM, input detailed vehicle information, take photos and write a basic or detailed condition report that is customizable for each consignor.

The Services division of IAS was formed to serve the community from an agnostic perspective. It supports all the IAS products, Services also delivers state of the art technology to the rest of the Auto Auction Community.

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